In Summer, there is plenty of warmth in the air as harmony can be heard every day and night around the trailer. From our trailer, we easily hear all the fun by the fire pit, around the picnic table and to some extent, the chatter from the back where the view is spectacular. Through the pines, the wind creates a stream of joy and also provides a cooling effect of a gentle breeze on a sunny day.

On occasion, the tractor rolls by on the sod farm just beyond the back of our trailer. Our own lot is far from the quality of a sod farm, but in time, we will make it look as good with seed, furtilizer, water and plenty of TLC.

Every weekend and a few days in between, we spend some quiet time with our many friends. Well, not totally quiet - some of us are known to sing a few songs - in four part harmony - while enjoying beverages by the campfire. Chances are, if I see three guys standing chatting, I'll join them and we'll sing at least a TAG or two...

Want to join us some weekend this summer? There are plenty of weekends and some with a fully booked schedule of activities. If you are keen to join us for some R and R time (and some singing), drop us a note at info and we'll work on when you can visit.